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Your garden should be your own little piece of paradise. It’s your place to get away from the world and just enjoy where you are in the present moment. It’s where you can go to read a book, chat with a loved one, or simply sit and stare at the beautiful space you’ve created. 

But, you can’t fully enjoy your garden if something is missing!

Take a look around. Consider how you’ve arranged all the flowers and set up the furniture, and picture how everything would look if you added a fountain to your garden. This may be the best home decor decision you ever make. 

Here are 10 reasons you need to explore the idea of buying a fountain for your garden.

1. The Visual Appeal 

This is the most obvious reason why people invest in fountains for their outdoor space. But, it’s one worth talking about. Even if you think you already have a beautiful setup, just close your eyes and picture how one fountain can transform the entire space. 

The right fountain has the ability to tie all the pieces of your garden together, and to complement each one, too. It’s a lovely addition to any garden. All you have to do is find the right one!

2. The Additional Home Value 

Not only will installing a fountain increase the visual appeal of your home, but it will also raise its value! Whether or not selling is something you’ve been thinking about, it’s always a good idea to increase the value of your home.

You never know what may come up in life and put the thought of moving on the table. When you’re confident that you can sell your house for a good price, exploring other living options is much easier.   

3. To Attract Birds and Other Animals 

While you’re still enjoying your home and garden, you get to enjoy the company of some special neighbors if you install a fountain. Fountains attract birds, squirrels, bunnies, and other animals. 

The kind of wildlife you attract depends on the area in which you live and how big your fountain is. But, it’s fun to see all the cute creatures come and go as the seasons change.

4. To Enjoy the Sounds of Nature

As if watching animals come and go from your window isn’t nice enough, the sounds you’ll hear from the garden are even more of a reason to install a fountain.

The sound of running water is one of the most soothing noises there are. It’s gentle and simple, but it can have a huge difference in your state of mind. Plus, the sound of running water is a great way to combat noise pollution you may be living with if you’re located in a busy area. 

5. To Make the Best Use of Natural Light 

Here’s an interesting reason to put a fountain in your garden: to make everything in your garden shine a little more! Water reflects sunlight in a beautiful way. Installing a fountain is almost like placing a diamond in the center of your garden to spread sunlight all around. 

This simple aesthetic enhancement makes all the difference. It completely transforms the look and feel of your garden to create a more elegant and comforting setting.  

6. To Create a Sense of Serenity  

Between all the cute creatures and the beautiful reflections of light your new fountain will create, you’re sure to feel a difference in how much you use and enjoy the garden. 

Before you know it, you’ll be feeling much calmer and more relaxed no matter where you are. This is because the sense of peace you feel within your garden is something that’s always available to you. You just need to be reminded of it by making a point to spend time in your garden every day.

7. To Enjoy a Low-Maintenance Landscaping Piece

Maybe you like the thought of attracting woodland creatures and increasing the value of your home with a fountain, but you’re not a fan of having another piece of your garden to maintain. Good news – fountains are incredibly low-maintenance!

These really don’t require much work for you to keep up. If you have a granite fountain, the cleaning is simple and easy, and it doesn’t have to be done very often. For the most part, a fountain does a good job of maintaining itself, especially if you you pay attention to your water quality, by testing it or visually inspecting to see if calcium scale or iron stains are appearing. (And if so, adding water conditioners to combat that periodically.)

8. To Better Utilize Your Beautiful Garden

Take a look around your garden as it currently is. It may be absolutely beautiful right now, but it could be stunning if you added one more thing.

You owe it to yourself to make the best use of this space. Choosing to refrain from installing a fountain in a garden is like putting on a nice gown only to not do your hair or makeup. You have to complete the look; install a fountain to get the most out of your garden.

9. To Make Your Garden Look Bigger

Another benefit of installing a fountain in your garden is that it will make the whole space seem bigger! No matter how big your outdoor space actually is, adding a water element into it adds texture and depth. It makes the space appear larger than it is and more welcoming, too. 

10. To Help the Environment 

The final reason to consider installing a fountain in your garden is to help the environment. Water serves many functions to local ecosystems. It purifies the air, provides nutrition to animals, and can even regulate temperature, too. 

It’s not like your fountain will completely transform the environment of your entire city. But, installing this feature on your property does encourage other landowners to also take a step in the right direction.

How to Find the Best Fountain for Your Garden 

It’s one thing to realize all the benefits available to you of installing a fountain in your garden, and another to know which fountain is right for you!

Maybe it’d be best to install a wall mounted fountain or a free-standing model that flows into a pond. The only way to know for sure is to start comparing all your options and consult an outdoor design specialist.

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