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10 Fountain Care Tips You Should Know

June 9, 2014

Fountain care can be confusing, but it is crucial to keeping your fountain in mint condition for years to come. There are several tips out there, but we’ve compiled the 10 fountain care tips you need to know. Keep reading to find out the top fountain care tips. 

1. Keep your pump clean

One of the most important steps in fountain care is keeping your pump cleaned out and free of debris. Pollen, leaves, dirt, and other debris can build up in the fountain pump eventually causing it to slow down or even stop working. To clean it, unplug the pump, pull it out, and clean it out with an old toothbrush or cloth. Cleaning the pump every so often will help to keep your fountain running great. If you have very hard water, you may need to clean your pump more frequently to remove calcium from the moving parts.

2. Clean out the fountain basin debris

 You should be cleaning out the fountain basin itself regularly too. Pick out any leaves, sticks, or other debris on a regular basis to avoid blockages of the water pump. Placing a screen over your pump will help to keep debris from entering the pump

3. Use water treatments

Using a water treatment is one of the most important steps to caring for a fountain. Water treatments help to prevent the growth of algae and other buildup in the fountain. If you leave the algae or mineral deposits sitting in the fountain they can grow to become difficult to remove. Use a pH Down product to drop the pH in your water and to help reduce the rate of calcium build-up on your pump. If you are concerned about the water quality, you can take a sample to be tested at a pool store.

4. Replace water in the fountain

Many people think that if there is water in the fountain it is good to go. Actually, water in the fountain can be replaced if necessary. You may need to perform water changes at least a couple of times per year to achieve better water quality if treatment is unsuccessful.

5. Maintain the proper water levels

Make sure that when you are replacing the water in the fountain to fill it to the proper levels. Water should be covering the pump at all times to keep it from burning out. On the other hand, you don’t want to fill your fountain too high either. A good rule of thumb is to keep water about  two inches below the edge of the fountain base. Check on your fountain every so often to make sure the water levels are adequate, especially if there have been several very hot days in a row. With a properly operating auto-fill, your water level can be maintained automatically. 

6. Clean the surface of your fountain

Make sure to clean the surface of your fountain every so often. Some of the things that can build up on your fountain surface are algae, animal waste, and mineral deposits. Keep an eye on your fountain to make sure it isn’t getting too dirty. For a granite fountain, you can wash down the fountain with a dilute solution of Muratic Acid.

7. Run the fountain pump as much as you can

By running the fountain pump you are able to keep the water moving, reducing the chances of any buildup. Also, the life of the water pump can be extended if you aren’t always turning it off and on. However, don’t run your fountain 24/7 either. Fountains that run all the time are more susceptible to water loss unless you have an auto-fill unit installed.

8. Avoid using harsh cleansers

Avoid using concentrated chlorine bleach to treat algae while running your pump as it is corrosive to the pump. Unless you are treating a granite fountain, it can damage your fountain too.

9. Inspect mechanical parts regularly

It is important to inspect the mechanical parts of your fountain to keep it running smoothly. Clean the mechanical parts just like you clean the fountain pump, with a cloth or toothbrush.

10. Inspect pump and power supply regularly

Regularly check to make sure the water pump and pump hoses don’t have any cracks in them. Also make sure that the power supply is working properly by checking the power cord for any cracks. 

By following these fountain care tips, your fountain is sure to stay in great condition for years to come! 

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