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4 Tips For Caring For Your Fountain Water

July 12, 2017

Proper fountain maintenance doesn’t stop at the surface of your fountain. Water maintenance is just as important as caring for the fountain itself. Caring for your fountain’s water will keep your fountain looking and functioning great for many years to come. Follow the tips below to learn how to care for your fountain water.

1. Refresh Water Monthly

Fountain water should be drained and replaced every month in smaller fountains. Replacing the water helps prevent algae growth and mineral buildup.

2. Treat Water

To help prevent white scale and hard water mineral deposits, treat tap and other hard water with a mineral deposit inhibitor. You can also use distilled water in your fountain to help prevent buildup and stains. Protec and Fountec are two solutions we recommend to treat fountain water.

3. Clean Regularly

Each time you drain the fountain water, take a few minutes to clean off any beginning mineral buildup spots. Use clean water and a non-abrasive sponge or rag to wipe off any buildup. Doing this monthly can help prevent major build ups that are difficult to remove.

4. Use A Cleaning Solution

For most white scale and hard water mineral deposits, you can mix your own cleaning solution. Equal parts white vinegar and water mixed together will help remove the scale. For more hard-to-remove mineral deposits (only on a granite fountain), you can use a solution of equal parts muratic acid and water. Use a soft nylon bristle brush dipped in the solution to scrub off the stains on the surface of the fountain.

Caring for your fountain water is important to keep your fountain and fountain pump in working condition. If you are interested in learning more about fountain care, check out these blogs: