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The aesthetic appeal of outdoor natural stone fountains for gardens has long been well- recognized, with some truly beautiful creations having been installed in literally thousands of residences and commercial areas for the public to admire. But have you ever considered the benefits which might be derived from natural stone indoor fountains?

There are tons of choices available for your office, or for whatever space you might have available in a larger residence. Natural stone bubbler fountains, natural stone wall fountains, and even stone waterfalls, can all provide a building with some substantial advantages which go far beyond just being beautiful compliments to existing decor. Here are some of the benefits which you may not have known or considered which accompany the installation of stone water fountains indoors.

Reduction of Stress

Have you ever been hypnotized by the sound of a babbling brook, or by the sight of a river flowing past you? There’s a good reason for that. Science has proven clearly that being near water, looking at it, listening to it, or even viewing pictures of a vast ocean expanse, can have a very calming and relaxing influence on the mind.

Humans have always had a close connection to water going back through the ages, even to the origins of when the first creatures emerged from the water. Ever since that time, water has played a vital role in our existence, providing sustenance and life-giving fluid which are essential to our being.

It has been proven that being near to water causes a release of serotonin, which is the chemical responsible for having happy feelings and a sense of wellness. While not everyone can live near the ocean, or have a flowing river or stream nearby, everyone can take advantage of the same powerful effects of flowing water, by installing a stone waterfall or a natural fountain at their residence or at a place of business.  

Indoor Air Quality

Believe it or not, having a natural stone fountain indoors can greatly improve the quality of the air that occupants breathe on a daily basis. Anyone in your household suffering from respiratory issues such as asthma, will greatly benefit by having an indoor water fountain installed, since the air will be made more favorable to anyone inside. A big source of positive ions in your indoor air is all the electronic devices used in the home – appliances, computers, cellphones, air conditioners, and all the other electronic marvels we use. Those positively charged ions can be neutralized by the negative ions released by rushing water, such as that found in an indoor waterfall or stone fountain. Not only does this restore balance to the indoor air quality of your home or office, but it also supplies natural humidity to offset the dry air of the winter or fall seasons.

 Even humidifiers cannot adequately replace the natural humidity supplied by an indoor fountain, because it’s very possible that humidifiers can develop stagnant air, and when that happens, it becomes possible for mold and bacteria to occur. Bacteria and mold are less likely to develop around an indoor fountain because the water is always in motion, and that inhibits the production of those undesirable substances.

Better sleep

When your sleep is disrupted regularly, it can have a very harmful effect on your overall health and well-being. People accumulate natural stresses during the daytime from work, from family life, and just from all the events of the day, which can mount up to interfere with a good night’s sleep. When you have a natural stone indoor water fountain installed at your residence, it creates a background white noise that has a very calming effect on the mind and overcomes other distractions which might be troubling you.

This white noise created by an indoor fountain will help you have a deeper sleep for a longer period of time, which ultimately results in a much better night’s sleep. Even a white noise machine cannot be as effective as an indoor fountain, although some people are helped by such equipment. The shortcoming of white noise machines is that they usually generate noise in predictable patterns, and once your brain becomes accustomed to that pattern, it can actually become a distraction itself, instead of overcoming other distractions.

Because an indoor water fountain has an organic source and function, it does not generate anything like a predictable pattern, and it produces random noises all night long, so your brain will not focus on the noise pattern.

Increased Home Value

Having an indoor natural stone fountain in your home can add significantly to the value of your home, and if you every consider re-selling your home, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that the stone fountain has counted strongly toward increasing the price of your home on the market.

It can provide a powerful appeal to some home buyers, and it just might be the deciding factor for someone who is trying to decide between several similar homes. The stone fountain can make your home look more expensive than it actually is and can convey the impression that it’s something of a luxury house, which will definitely appeal to some buyers.

Low Maintenance

Unlike some other highly decorative items you might place in your home, an indoor natural stone fountain requires very little maintenance, and that care is only needed after a long period of time has passed. Re-filling the water may be necessary every week or two, but a thorough cleaning need only be undertaken every four to six months – which means at the most, you might have to clean your fountain three times each year!

When you do have to clean the fountain, there’s a very simple process involved. You simply turn off the water, drain it completely from the fountain, and then wipe down the exterior surfaces and the tubing, motor, and plumbing associated with the fountain, and you’re done. Once you’ve done it a time or two, you’ll be an expert, and you can have it done in as little as ten minutes.

Aesthetic Appeal

Last but not least, there is the obvious aesthetic appeal of an indoor natural stone water fountain. In the past decade or so, the styles and designs of indoor waterfalls and fountains has become much more appealing and intricate in some cases, so there are styles which will appeal to every taste. If you can’t find one which is exactly what you have in mind, you can certainly work with your favorite supplier and have one customized to suit your preferences. Most sellers of natural stone fountains are more than happy to partner with clients so as to produce the precise kind of waterfall or indoor stone fountain which the client has visualized. Everything can be included in the design, right down to any engravings or etchings which need to be included in the final product to portray your brand.

When you’re thinking about installing water fountains for home, you will of course have the choice of installing one indoors or outdoors, and while many homeowners love how stone garden fountains can add a perfect touch to the yard, many also choose to install a fountain which complements their indoor home decor.

Indoor water fountains can provide the same natural appeal as an outdoor version, but since you probably spend more time indoors than in the yard, you’ll have more opportunities to appreciate something like an indoor tabletop fountain. Whether you’ve decided on an indoor water fountain or one which can be the centerpiece of your yard, here are some things you should be aware of for both types of water fountains.

Indoor Water Fountains 

There are big water fountains which can take up an entire wall of your home, and there are indoor tabletop fountains which function more like a centerpiece on the table where they’re situated. Before deciding on the kind of fountain you want to install, consider what its usage will be. For instance, will it be a smaller one, situated close to your bed so that it can help you sleep at night? Or is the purpose of your indoor fountain to entertain guests and visitors? For entertainment and sheer visual appeal, you may want to go with a larger fountain, perhaps even a wall-sized model.

Blend it with Home Décor

The indoor home decor is also worth considering because you’ll want your fountain to be in sync with the kind of decorations and furnishings which are already in place in your home. If your overall theme is contemporary, you should search for a contemporary style of a fountain, but if your indoor decor is more in the classic style, your fountain should reflect that type of classicism. 

Find the best spot

Another point to consider is the location where you intend to install your indoor water fountain. If you’re sprucing up your living room, a floor model might be suitable, for an entrance way or a bedroom, you may want to go with a wall-panel fountain, and if you’re just adding a natural touch to an office, bedroom, or den, a tabletop model might be the most appropriate way to go.

Find a size that will fit your space

Size is another consideration when you’re thinking about water fountains for home. If you choose one that’s too small for the situation you have in mind, it may well get lost amidst the other decor in that area. On the other hand, an over-sized model may overwhelm the space you have picked out, and end up being a total distraction, rather than something which fits in nicely and complements existing decor.

Are there Children around

One last point to consider for your indoor water fountain is whether or not you have small children at home, or whether you frequently have small child visitors. There is a possibility that your fountain may present a hazard to small children, who simply don’t understand the potential danger of the fountain. Some models are equipped with small stones or rocks which could be problematic for curious youngsters. Other versions are small enough that they can be toppled over by an overly enthusiastic youngster.

Outdoor Water Fountains 

While there is a different set of considerations involved with outdoor water fountains, at least one is the same as for indoor fountains, namely the function that the fountain will serve in its outdoor setting. Is it intended to be the focal point of your garden, or will it just be providing a highlight or accent to the area where it will be installed? Are you expecting your fountain to drown out undesirable neighborhood noises like traffic or construction sounds? These factors may influence the type of fountain you choose.

Consider the Physical Features

The next thing you should consider is the physical characteristics of your selected fountain, meaning its overall size, shape, and weight. Weight could be important, depending on the surface where your fountain will be installed. Because some fountains are very heavy, and whatever surface you expect to hold your fountain must be capable of supporting its full weight for an extended period of time. The size and shape of your water fountain will have an impact also, in terms of the exact location where you intend to place it. There must be adequate room to accommodate your chosen water fountain. Its shape must fit in with the dimensions of the area where it will be set up.

If you only have a small area available for your outdoor fountain, you may want to consider pot-style fountains, which are rounded in shape and smaller in size. If you have a little more room to dedicate to your fountain, you might be interested in a terrace-sized fountain. Which will provide all the benefits of a flowing-water arrangement without taking up a great deal of space. If you have lots of room which can be used, that might be the perfect opportunity to install a multi-tiered fountain. Which will feature cascading water on several different levels. It will offer both visual and audio appeal to anyone who happens to be in your yard for a visit.

Account for the Splash Factor

Another fairly important consideration for your outdoor water fountain is the splash factor. The splash factor is the degree to which cascading water bounces and splashes over the side of your fountain, potentially causing the immediate area to become wet. While virtually all fountains will splash to some degree. The multi-tiered models will generally create a higher splash factor and may leave your patio wet and slippery. If this is a problem for you, then you should probably consider a model that has less splash outside its barriers.

You should be able to cut down on the splash factor by installing flow restrictors. But that won’t entirely remove the moisture from the area around your fountain. A by-product of the splash factor is the noise associated with water cascading over the sides of a barrier and hitting the next level. If you don’t want this kind of loud sound, you should stick to a fountain which has less splash.

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Feng shui is an ancient art form that has been practiced for thousands of years. Its purpose is to teach you how to balance and harmonize with the energies that exist within a given space, and to assure good fortune to those inhabiting the space.

Water is an important element of feng shui. Because of this, stone water fountains are the perfect addition for changing the energy of any given space. These fountains are beautiful and are associated with good health.

Let’s take a look at a few fountain ideas that can help increase the positive energy in your home.

Want to feng shui your home? Don’t just focus on moving furniture. Here are some tips for increasing the chi flow in your home with stone water fountains.

How to Pick the Right Fountain

Both indoor and outside fountains come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors. When choosing one for your home, keep in mind that it’s important to find one made of materials that will maximize the soft rush of water. (And also for your peace of mind, getting a fountain that will be easy for you to maintain/keep clean is also a concern as well.)

Each type of material  produces a different quality of sound. For example, hard plastic will not have the same effect as a fountain made from ceramic, copper, or stone. 

Keep in mind the elements of feng shui for material choices: Metal holds water, water nourishes wood, earth stops or dams water, and water puts out fire.

It’s not necessary to buy the most expensive fountain. And yet your fountain should be viewed as an investment that will contribute to the beauty and tranquility of your home for years to come. If you’re working with a limited budget, consider selecting a tabletop fountain. Just make sure that it’s aesthetically pleasing to your senses.

Always keep the size of your space in mind when considering what size fountain to buy. You won’t want one that overwhelms a smaller space, and it should be big enough to create enough sound to heard across a larger space.

Incorporating a Water Fountain Into Your Home Decor

Feng shui is tended to create balance and harmony in your home. This is accomplished by bringing elements of nature indoors. A feng shui water fountain is a vital element of this.

Before adding a fountain to your space, take the time to eliminate clutter. Feng shui requires a clean space, as well as good light and good air quality. Otherwise you won’t be able to create good Chi. A water fountain contributes to the air quality of a space by humidifying the air.

Pick a fountain the coordinates well with the colors of the space and that blends well with the rest of your decor in order to enhance the energy flow of the room.

Using a Water Fountain for Positive Chi

Chi is the life force that flows through every living thing. When allowed to flow evenly, it makes the body strong and vibrant. But if the chi is weak, people often feel emotionally distraught or tired. This is why cultivating good Chi in your home is so important.

Feng shui water fountains bring peace to both your spirt and to your home. Many people overlook the bathroom when creating harmonious spaces in their home. Yet the master bath is an ideal location for incorporating the principles of feng shui. And it’s easy to do.

You’ll want to use small fountains for bathrooms. You can place them on a table or purchase a wall-mounted fountain to maximize space, and you’ll want to select a style that suits your decor, but ultimately your primary concern should be on balancing the energy of the room to produce the highest possible positive Chi.

Placing a Feng Shui Water Fountain at the Front of Your House

There are a few things to consider when placing a fountain at the front of the house. First, be sure to place the fountain to the left of the front door. Stand in the front door looking out, and place your fountain in the area to the left. The purpose of this placement is to encourage fidelity within your relationship.

Keep in mind that the southwest compass direction is a prime location for a feng shui water feature because this direction will bring great abundance and wealth.

The east area of your home is the element of wood, which is nourished by water, thus promoting spiritual health, peace and harmony within the family.

Southeast is the area of wealth and money, thus placing a fountain there will promote money wealth and a wealth of blessings.

North is associated with career and path in life, which is the water element, making this an ideal location for a fountain.

Where Not to Place Your Water Fountain

Never underestimate the importance of understanding proper placement of a feng shui water fountain for homes. Because when not placed properly, the fountain can also create problems.

The primary locations to avoid are the bedroom or beneath a staircase, or in the south area. 

Here’s why: A water element brings the energy of sorrow and worry into the bedroom, and can result in respiratory problems. Placing a fountain beneath the stairs promotes negative energy and can bring misfortune upon the children in the household. And finally, the south area of your home needs a strong energy of fire element, which conflicts with water.

The Benefits a Feng Shui Water Feature in Your Home

Many people underestimate the value of incorporating the ancient principles of feng shui into their homes. And yet few things can improve the energy and flow of a home as significantly as stone water fountains.

Water is an element in feng shui, and fountains bring both positive energy and beautify into the home. Taking the time to understand how good Chi can impact your life and health will help show the wisdom of investing in a feng shui water fountain. 

Click here to learn how to maintain, care for, and clean your outdoor fountain.

A sick home can make you sick. More than 30 million households in the U.S. are plagued by health problems. Things like mold, lead, and radon can cause respiratory problems and developmental delays.

What if you could make your home a healthier place with a beautiful piece of home decor? An indoor water fountain can do just that.

Check out these health benefits you can enjoy simply by installing a fountain in your home or office.

Stress Reducing

Water is scientifically proven to put the mind at ease. Being near water, listening to it, even looking at a picture of a blue ocean can reduce your level of stress.

Humans have long had an intrinsic connection to running water. Rivers were a source of life for our ancestors. Our first moments as humans were in the watery world of the womb.

nearness to water makes the brain release serotonin, the same chemical responsible for happy feelings.

Not everyone can enjoy ocean views from their kitchen window or drop everything and head to the beach. But everyone can enjoy the calming effects of water with an indoor fountain.

Air Quality Control

Indoor air quality can take a hit in a closed up house. Indoor fountains can help purify the air. Electronics release a steady flow of positive ions into the air. An excess of these charged molecules can lead to anxiety and inflammation. Rushing water combats positive ions by releasing negative ions. An indoor water fountain can restore balance to the air in your home. Water fountains can also balance the humidity to dry, winter air.

Stagnant water in humidifiers can form bacteria without proper maintenance, but fountains naturally add moisture to the air without the threat of mold or irritants. The movement of the water as it circulates through the fountain prevents bacteria from thriving.

Please note: fountains probably should NOT be used in healthcare facilities though, as if they are not maintained properly, they can cause already immunocompromised patients to get sick. Or, if they are already installed in your medical facility, adhering to regular chlorine applications is essential, as well as weekly water testing to ensure water quality is appropriate for a public space would be required.

Improve Feng Shui

Water is one of the five elements of Feng Shui, the ancient art of harmonizing humans with their environments. The ambiance of Feng Shui can improve your mood and increase productivity.

Decorating with watery colors or glass and mirrors can provide the water element. Or you can incorporate actual water into your home’s design with a one of a kind fountain.

Improved Sleep

Disrupted sleep is damaging to overall health and brain function. Water fountains provide a source of white noise that can help you sleep deeper for longer.

White noise machines do an okay job but can become distracting as your brain memorizes the sound patterns. Because fountains are organic, their soundtrack is always changing.

Consider An Indoor Water Fountain For Health

While beautiful, indoor water fountains offer more than aesthetics. They can improve your mental health and your sleep. They also work double duty, purifying the air and adding balance to your home.

If you want to improve your quality of life with an indoor water feature, check out our inventory of fountains. Our intricately carved stone pieces will make an exquisite focal point for your home decor.

Indoor Fountain Design Inspiration

January 18, 2017

Even when it is cold out, you can still enjoy the relaxing effects of a fountain. Indoor fountain bring the tranquil sound of flowing water indoors. Just like our outdoor stone fountains, indoor fountains are available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. 

Marble Lion Wall Fountain

Pedestal Sphere Fountain

This six-foot-tall wall fountain will make a stunning impact no matter where it is placed in your home. This free-standing design is hand-carved from Cumulus White marble for a clean look. The water flows from the lion’s mouth into the basin. A decorative pedestal with scrolled carving details supports the basin.

This classic pedestal indoor fountain is handcarved from Giallo Fantasia granite and has a floating Absolute Black granite sphere. The sphere has carved details to resemble a globe. When this fountain is on, the sphere will float and spin on top of the pedestal. The sight is truly mesmerizing!

Cascading fountain

Two-Tier Pedestal Fountain

The charming old-world characteristics of this five-vessel fountain will catch anyone’s eye. The water flows from the top, down three smaller basins and into the large basin at the bottom. Place this fountain in your home to enjoy the relaxing sounds of trickling water.

This unique two-tier pedestal fountain features a floating sphere. The fountain is handcarved from a warm Butterscotch Onyx stone. The whole design is polished to a high shine, showing off the details. Water cascades down the finial and into the two basins below before recirculating.

Are you inspired to add a fountain in your home? Take a look at our ready-made fountain designs or contact us to start a custom, indoor fountain design.