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How To Start Your Custom Fountain Design

May 17, 2017

Designing and creating custom stone fountains is one of our specialties. Natural stone can be transformed into any shape with unlimited details for a truly one-of-a-kind design. If you are considering a custom fountain design for your space, check out our tips for starting the process.

Inspiration For Custom Fountain Design

The design process usually starts with an inspiration photo. If there are certain elements of different fountains you like, we can add them into your custom design. We can also replicate any famous fountain or a damaged fountain that you need replaced. Our ideas gallery is a great place to find inspiration. 

Measurements, Sketches & Price Quote

After a few details of the custom design are decided, we make scaled measurements to gauge how big the fountain parts will be. Once we have the measurements, we create a simple rendering of the fountain and get a price quote for your custom fountain. 

Stone Selection

Our team use software to test stone colors on the fountain photo rendering. Carved Stone Creations play with different colors to see how the fountain will look in relation to your home and landscape. We also have physical stone samples available to aid in color selection.


We use 3-D engineering software to create a model of the fountain. We break down the fountain design into individual parts to ensure the carved features and functionality, like plumbing and drains, are where they need to be. 


We pass off our detailed shop drawings and designs to skilled artisans who secure the blocks of stone and cut them to size. The artisans hand carve blocks of natural stone to create your custom fountain. 


We can add accessories, like spray rings and underwater lighting, to your fountain to create a spectacular display. We also have related components, like autofill and water treatment systems, to help you care for your fountain

Are you interested in adding a custom fountain design to your landscape? Contact us to start the process!