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Classical 3-Tier Pedestal Fountain, D39" x H67", Charcoal Grey Granite

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Add some classical refinement to your landscape or formal garden area. A custom carved granite fountain (Classic 3-tier Fountain) hand-carved from Charcoal Grey Granite features a stylized pineapple top finial from which water bubbles and cascades to the three tiered bowls below. A classic look and perfect size for a garden fountain, entry fountain, courtyard fountain, ect...

Please Note:

  • Photo is representative of the typical carving details on this fountain. Each hand carved fountain is a little different than the next based on the artisan that carved it.
  • Variations in the natural stone can exhibit unique veining and coloration. So, you can be assured that no one in the world will have one EXACTLY like yours!
  • Also, if this color of granite doesn't work well with your surroundings, we also have other colors of this type of fountain here: All Classical 3-Tier Fountains
  • Keep in mind though, that natural stone is typically a lighter color when it's dry vs a darker/more vibrant color when it's wet.
    • Check the sample page photos, noted in the material heading above, to see what this granite looks like wet vs dry.
    • If you like the lighter color, you can seal it with a product called Miracle 511 Porous Plus, to keep it that way for several years, and also make it easier to clean if algae - dirt get on it.
    • Or, if you like the darker version of the color, you would seal it with a product called Miracle 511 Seal/Enhance - to keep it that color for several years (until the sealer wears off.)
  • Depending on how you want your fountain to sound and operate, consider one of the following fountain configurations:

    1. A Self-Contained Fountain.
    • This is where the pump sits concealed within the bottom bowl. Only the 2 upper bowls spill water and it requires the smallest pump of all options.
    • Warning, depending on relative humidity and how windy it is that day, this kind of fountain can run out of water relatively quickly.
    2. A Modified Self Contained Fountain (sump-pit option)
    • Still only the 2 upper bowls spill water, but you are able to include an autofill kit to maintain the water level in the fountain at all times.
    • This requires a larger pump than the self-contained option.
    • Pump size also depends on the distance between the sump pit and the actual fountain. The fountain and pump could be up to 20-feet apart if you would like the fountain in a courtyard but to hide the sump pit behind some shrubs or the courtyard wall.
    • Here is a blog post to explain more about this kind of fountain installation: Modified Self Contained Water Fountains
    3. You can make a Disappearing Fountain and place this centerpiece over a pond less basin.
    • The pump sits within the gravel-covered plastic basin dug into the ground directly beneath the fountain and all 3 fountain tiers spill water into each other and then right to the polished rocks on the ground.
    • An autofill kit can be mounted to the inside wall of the pondless basin basin, so then you do not even have to fill it up with a hose.
      • Please note, the water must fall into rocks over the basin, wood chips should not be installed there, as they will degrade over time and foul your pump.
    • Here is a blog post to explain more about this kind of fountain installation: Installing a Disappearing Fountain
    • This kind of installation (as well as the modified self contained) is very good if you have many trees in the area, which would otherwise drop leaves into a pool, and cause major maintenance needs with your pump.
    4. Or, this centerpiece can be paired with an 8' or 10' diameter fountain pool surround for a much larger display.
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