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Large Classical 3-Tier Fountain, D72" x H126", Bianco Catalina

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Want to add a classical look to your landscape? Try this custom hand-carved Large Granite Fountain (Classic 3-Tier). Carved from Bianco Catalina Granite featuring a finial that bubbles water from the top and cascades to the three tiered bowls below. This large fountain is in-stock and works perfectly as a estate fountain, courtyard fountain, motor court fountain, arrival fountain, etc…

  • Centerpiece only
  • Dimensions: 72" Dia. x 126" H.
  • Material: Bianco Catalina Granite
  • Pump and misc. mechanical items not included – as this will depend on how the fountain is set up.
  • Check out this Blog Post to learn more about why a GRANITE fountain is better than other more porous stones, and can essentially last FOREVER!
  • And if you'd like to learn more about fountain maintenance, we have many blog posts about that in this area of our website.
  • Height of bottom basin: 46″, so a minimum of a 16′ pool surround is recommended for this fountain.

Please Note:

  • Photo is representative of the typical carving details on this fountain. Each hand carved fountain is a little different than the next based on the artisan that carved it.
  • Variations in the natural stone can exhibit unique veining and coloration. So, you can be assured that no one in the world will have one EXACTLY like yours!
  • Also, if this color of granite doesn't work well with your surroundings, we also have other colors of this type of fountain here: All Large 3-Tier Classical
  • Keep in mind though, that natural stone is typically a lighter color when it's dry vs a darker/more vibrant color when it's wet.
    • Check the sample page photos, noted in the material heading above, to see what this granite looks like wet vs dry.
    • If you like the lighter color, you can seal it with a product called Miracle 511 Porous Plus, to keep it that way for several years, and also make it easier to clean if algae - dirt get on it.
    • Or, if you like the darker version of the color, you would seal it with a product called Miracle 511 Seal/Enhance - to keep it that color for several years (until the sealer wears off.)
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