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Statuary with Conch Shells Pedestal Fountain

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The birds won't be the only bathers in this playful fountain. This bronze fountain features a mother and 1 child playing with conch shells and a turtle as they sit on the rim of the fountain bowl, next to a mer-boy. The finish has been enhanced with patinas and polishing to give it additional color and visual contrast.

Add a water pump (sold separately, contact CSC for pump size and installation recommendations) to make this fountain come alive. Water spits from the conch shell the boy has raised in the air, and falls from the conch shell in the mother's hand and cascades over the edge of the other shell she is holding.

Dimensions: 51" L x 46" W x 68" H

Since the edge of the urn is 32" AFF, if you install this centerpiece in a pool, and intend to push water over edge of the lowest / largest tier, you should be using a minimum 8' Diameter pool Surround to catch all of it's splashes while running the water very slowly (since it'll have a 86" splash diameter on a calm/non-windy day.) Or, a 9'-10' pool surround would catch more splashes if wind is pushing the water falling off the centerpiece around, or if you want to run the fountain a lot faster.

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