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Top 5 Garden Fountain Placement Tips

January 3, 2019

A well-maintained yard is more than just a pretty face. It can add value to your home and be a functional space, used for recreation and entertainment.

While there are many features you can add to your space to make it your own, nothing says elegance like an outdoor garden fountain.

If you’re looking for the perfect fountain to add even more luxury to your home, you first need to decide where you’ll put it.

In this guide, we give you five garden fountain placement tips so you’ll get the most out of your beautiful water feature.

Before You Find the Perfect Garden Fountain

You may have already decided on a classic stone design. Or, you may be eyeing a long-lasting granite fountain. Whichever you’re considering, you first need to select the space where it will get installed.

You may wonder why you should find a spot before purchasing your fountain, but there are several reasons.

The main one is size. You need to make sure your new investment will fit in the space you’ve chosen. For professional guidance, a landscape designer can use PhotoShop to show you how your garden fountain will look in a location.

But, that’s not all you should keep in mind. Here are more helpful placement tips.

1. Make Your Fountain the Focus

When you decide to add a water feature to your yard, it should be the focal point of your outdoor space.

Whether you place it in the front or back of your house, you want to be able to enjoy both inside or out. Try to choose a spot where you’ll have a clear sightline from inside your home.

2. Make Sure There’s Electricity

Your elegant fountain will have a pump for the water. That pump needs electricity to run.

Of course, you could hire a contractor to run electric anywhere on your property. But, it’s easier if you place your fountain near an electrical source.

3. Are There Trees Close By?

If you have a lot of trees in your yard, you’ll want to install your fountain in an area farther from the trees. The reason why is simple: leaves.

In the fall, you’ll have quite a mess on your hands as the foliage starts to die off for the winter. The leaves will fall right into your fountain, which will clog your pump.

4. Will It Mask Street Noise?

The size and design of your fountain will determine how much noise the running water will make. Hopefully, it’s loud enough to mask any street noise, like traffic.

You’d much rather listen to the serene sound of water than cars driving past your house, so take that into consideration when searching for the location. Turning your pump down will make a softer more tinkling sounding fountain.  Turning your pump up faster will push more water, and create a louder, rushing water sound, but will also cause a lot more splashing if your fountain pool is not sized appropriately to the size/height of your fountain centerpiece.

5. Is It a Safe Location?

The final thing to take into consideration is it’s a safe location. More than 1,000 American children die every year due to drowning. And while you may not think it’s possible in a garden fountain, small children can drown in water as shallow as two inches.

If you have pets or young children in your family, make sure you install the fountain in an area that isn’t easily accessible.

Distinctive Luxury from Expert Craftsmanship

Now that you know some placement tips, you’ll have an easier time selecting from our wide array of elegant garden fountains.

Contact us today and let one of our highly-skilled designers help you find the perfect fountain for you.