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What Are the Advantages of Owning a Stone Fountain With a Pool?

September 26, 2018

When you start landscaping your home, you might wonder what would give it that extra oomph. How can you make your yard look better and more put together?

For centuries, decorative fountains have been the centerpiece for elaborate architecture. Why not follow the example of kings and queens of old, and install a fountain in your yard?

Need more convincing? Check out these reasons to put a stone fountain with a pool in your garden.

Why You Need a Stone Fountain With a Pool

Not any fountain will do. Fountains with pools are what you need, and here’s why.

Outdoor Sound Cancellation

The greatest benefit of an outdoor water fountain is its ability to drown out sounds. Everyone wants to think of their backyard space as a getaway from the rest of the world. But, sounds from passing cars or noisy neighbors can interrupt the peacefulness.

Interruptions are fewer, though, when you have noise cancellation built into the yard. The peaceful sound that comes from a fountain with a pool beneath it is unbeatable. Not only do you get to hear the relaxing music of running water, but it’s likely all you’ll hear.

Beautiful Water Reflections

Even science backs the brain’s natural attraction to water. We find the sounds and visuals of running water to be calming and relaxing.

Installing an outdoor fountain with a pool will enhance that feeling even more. The size of the pool gives the water greater movement, resulting in more reflections. Sun reflections on the water will give your garden the feeling of being near water. You can also recreate that feeling at night by installing lights.

The Benefit of Negative Ions

Have you ever wondered why the body reacts well to cooler temperatures in nature? Being among the flowing water and trees creates positive energy because of negative ions.

Likewise, you can circulate positive energy in your own backyard space. Installing water fountains outdoors gives the space negative ions, so you feel relaxed. Between the sound and reflections, you’ll feel like you’re in another world.

Take the Garden Up a Notch

It’s not uncommon to have some healthy competition with the neighbors. Who’s grass is greener? Who’s holiday decor will win the neighborhood contest? But the addition of a fountain will set your yard apart, hands down.

Installing a fountain with water pooling at the bottom is even better. It will amp up the beauty of your garden. It’ll also make everyone choose your house as the go-to backyard party spot.

Stonework and More Fountains

With a stone fountain in your garden, you can sit back and relax. Breathe the fresh air and enjoy the running water. Carved Stone Creations has many outdoor fountain choices from which to choose.

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