5 Garden Essentials To Beautify Your Home This Summer | Estate Fountains

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming. But there’s still something missing from your backyard oasis. 

What if you could add something that’s art and a water feature all in one? A water fountain fits both those descriptions and can be customized to your tastes. A water fountain is one of the garden essentials that can truly make your property beautiful. 

The possibilities are almost endless when choosing a water fountain. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular choices. 

Golden Cypress Granite Urn Fountain on Square Pedestal

1. Animal-Inspired Fountains

If you have a love of animals and mythical beasts, then this option is for you. Picture the possibilities from spitting frogs and turtles, to a multi-tiered pool with cranes. 

You can get a bit more creative with a yin-yang shaped pool with a nature theme. If you’re into dragons, you can find a water fountain that reflects that too. Imagine an 8-foot long dragon fountain that will make a statement and impress your guests!

If you love dolphins, you don’t have to go to the aquarium. Why not add playful dolphin sculptures as part of your fountain design? From lions to elephants, you can incorporate your favorite gentle beast. 

2. Bronze Fountains 

The ancient Romans and Greeks had a love for creating statues out of bronze. It was a way of honoring deities, statesmen, and even athletes. 

Why not add some bronze beauty and class to your backyard essentials? The bronze sculpture can come in many forms (including a mermaid or bronze angels) will be the staple in a granite fountain pool. 

If you love animals and also love bronze, you can combine the two. Consider adding bronze pelicans or herons to the fountain as a symbol of your love for nature. 

Bronze is a strong metal that can withstand the elements. Modern bronze materials are even sturdier than ones used in ancient times. 

3. Classical Fountains

Fountains have graced the landscapes in Europe for thousands of years. If you appreciate history, then perhaps a classical-inspired fountain is the right choice for you. 

Many classical fountains were made from hand carved granite, making them not only beautiful but highly resistant to the elements. Classical fountains are often tiered and have figures such as angels or animals adorning them. 

You can go grand or smaller with classical fountains. That means you can install a 3-tiered fountain with relief design elements, or a 2-tiered fountain with a lotus centerpiece. 

Also popular in classical times were granite urn fountains, and it’s still an item that’s popular when it comes to water fountains. 

4. Rustic Fountains

The possibilities with this type of fountain are almost endless. You can create something relatively simple such as a cut boulder fountain, or you can get more elaborate and artistic with a basalt column fountain

Animal sculptures have also found themselves featured prominently in rustic water fountain design. From frogs climbing rocks to koi swimming, you can find nature incorporated in a number of rustic designs. 

Rustic fountains are easy to maintain and can blend in beautifully with your existing outdoor decor, while still making a statement on their own. 

5. Pondless Basin Fountains

These pondless fountains don’t have a pool at the base of the sculpture. Instead, they have an underground reservoir that pumps water up into the water feature, letting gravity do the rest. 

The design for pondless basins is limitless, and not limited to one type of materials. You can choose something unique like a Relief Carved Boulder fountain, a Contempory Fountain with a Twist, or something as simple as a Spiral Bubbling Fountain.

Many types of outdoor water fountains give you the option of a pondless fountain, and are a popular choice because they don’t require a lot of maintenance, are great for areas with lots of trees (and therefore falling leaves) and are easy to clean. You will only need to add a bit of water to the reservoir every once in a while to keep it flowing. 

Why Water Fountains Are Garden Essentials

There are many factors to consider when choosing a water fountain to enhance your property. 

You need to consider the design and size of the fountain to ensure it’s visually appealing and doesn’t crowd your backyard with the other garden party decorations. Then you can decide whether you want a pondless fountain or one with a pool.

Choosing the Right Company

When choosing a company to install a water fountain, look for one that uses quality materials and has attention to detail. Also consider whether the company will create a custom design for you, or if it imports prefabricated fountains from another market. 

When it comes to garden essentials like water fountains, you can trust us to provide excellent design and craftsmanship. Contact us today to get started on your summer garden prep!