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When you’re thinking about installing water fountains for home, you will of course have the choice of installing one indoors or outdoors, and while many homeowners love how stone garden fountains can add a perfect touch to the yard, many also choose to install a fountain which complements their indoor home decor.

Indoor water fountains can provide the same natural appeal as an outdoor version, but since you probably spend more time indoors than in the yard, you’ll have more opportunities to appreciate something like an indoor tabletop fountain. Whether you’ve decided on an indoor water fountain or one which can be the centerpiece of your yard, here are some things you should be aware of for both types of water fountains.

Indoor Water Fountains 

There are big water fountains which can take up an entire wall of your home, and there are indoor tabletop fountains which function more like a centerpiece on the table where they’re situated. Before deciding on the kind of fountain you want to install, consider what its usage will be. For instance, will it be a smaller one, situated close to your bed so that it can help you sleep at night? Or is the purpose of your indoor fountain to entertain guests and visitors? For entertainment and sheer visual appeal, you may want to go with a larger fountain, perhaps even a wall-sized model.

Blend it with Home Décor

The indoor home decor is also worth considering because you’ll want your fountain to be in sync with the kind of decorations and furnishings which are already in place in your home. If your overall theme is contemporary, you should search for a contemporary style of a fountain, but if your indoor decor is more in the classic style, your fountain should reflect that type of classicism. 

Find the best spot

Another point to consider is the location where you intend to install your indoor water fountain. If you’re sprucing up your living room, a floor model might be suitable, for an entrance way or a bedroom, you may want to go with a wall-panel fountain, and if you’re just adding a natural touch to an office, bedroom, or den, a tabletop model might be the most appropriate way to go.

Find a size that will fit your space

Size is another consideration when you’re thinking about water fountains for home. If you choose one that’s too small for the situation you have in mind, it may well get lost amidst the other decor in that area. On the other hand, an over-sized model may overwhelm the space you have picked out, and end up being a total distraction, rather than something which fits in nicely and complements existing decor.

Are there Children around

One last point to consider for your indoor water fountain is whether or not you have small children at home, or whether you frequently have small child visitors. There is a possibility that your fountain may present a hazard to small children, who simply don’t understand the potential danger of the fountain. Some models are equipped with small stones or rocks which could be problematic for curious youngsters. Other versions are small enough that they can be toppled over by an overly enthusiastic youngster.

Outdoor Water Fountains 

While there is a different set of considerations involved with outdoor water fountains, at least one is the same as for indoor fountains, namely the function that the fountain will serve in its outdoor setting. Is it intended to be the focal point of your garden, or will it just be providing a highlight or accent to the area where it will be installed? Are you expecting your fountain to drown out undesirable neighborhood noises like traffic or construction sounds? These factors may influence the type of fountain you choose.

Consider the Physical Features

The next thing you should consider is the physical characteristics of your selected fountain, meaning its overall size, shape, and weight. Weight could be important, depending on the surface where your fountain will be installed. Because some fountains are very heavy, and whatever surface you expect to hold your fountain must be capable of supporting its full weight for an extended period of time. The size and shape of your water fountain will have an impact also, in terms of the exact location where you intend to place it. There must be adequate room to accommodate your chosen water fountain. Its shape must fit in with the dimensions of the area where it will be set up.

If you only have a small area available for your outdoor fountain, you may want to consider pot-style fountains, which are rounded in shape and smaller in size. If you have a little more room to dedicate to your fountain, you might be interested in a terrace-sized fountain. Which will provide all the benefits of a flowing-water arrangement without taking up a great deal of space. If you have lots of room which can be used, that might be the perfect opportunity to install a multi-tiered fountain. Which will feature cascading water on several different levels. It will offer both visual and audio appeal to anyone who happens to be in your yard for a visit.

Account for the Splash Factor

Another fairly important consideration for your outdoor water fountain is the splash factor. The splash factor is the degree to which cascading water bounces and splashes over the side of your fountain, potentially causing the immediate area to become wet. While virtually all fountains will splash to some degree. The multi-tiered models will generally create a higher splash factor and may leave your patio wet and slippery. If this is a problem for you, then you should probably consider a model that has less splash outside its barriers.

You should be able to cut down on the splash factor by installing flow restrictors. But that won’t entirely remove the moisture from the area around your fountain. A by-product of the splash factor is the noise associated with water cascading over the sides of a barrier and hitting the next level. If you don’t want this kind of loud sound, you should stick to a fountain which has less splash.

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