Accentuate Your Landscape With an Outdoor Wall Fountain | Estate Fountains

Outdoor wall fountains make a great addition to any yard. They bring an instant touch of natural-running water to your yard or garden and adding an artistic element to the whole area. There are even outdoor wall fountains which are illuminated, and which can highlight the fountain during the night-time hours, bringing a warm and pleasant feeling to your yard.

Outdoor wall fountains are one of the most delightfully decorative ideas you can incorporate into the layout of your yard. You might even find that you’ve become the talk of the neighborhood after you’ve installed a modern outdoor wall fountain. Here are some things you may not know about outdoor wall fountains, and these are tips which may help you decide about which type to install in your own backyard.

What They’re Made of?

Outdoor wall fountains can be made of several different materials, and the one you choose will depend on several factors. The materials that outdoor fountains are generally made of include wood, clay, stone, and several metals, for instance, bronze. If you’re thinking about going with bronze, it’s one of the more popular of the available materials which are comprised of metal. It would bring a statuesque kind of appeal to your garden or back yard setup.

Many people who become interested in outdoor wall fountains are hoping to duplicate the look and feel of the classic Mediterranean-style wall fountains which populate the yards of homeowners in Italy, France, and Spain. Those wall fountains are often made of granite, which is likewise available here in the States, at some of the better wall fountain stores. Your very best option for an outdoor wall fountain may well be granite, given its extreme durability and beautiful appearance. 

Most water fountains can be either placed on a solid surface, like a patio or porch or hung up on a wall if they aren’t too large. Any outdoor water fountain which is made of a heavy material must be securely anchored on a very solid wall though, so it doesn’t cause a strain on the wall where it’s attached. Most of these kinds of wall fountains are manufactured domestically since the cost of shipping them from overseas would be somewhat prohibitive.

Where to Place Your Outdoor Wall Fountain?

Actually, you can purchase an outdoor wall fountain and install it somewhere within the interior of your home, if you want to bring that soothing effect of flowing water indoors. There are wall fountains which are specifically designed for interior mounting, and others which are intended for use outdoors, but you can decide for yourself what kind of purchase you prefer to make. All you’d need to do is find a strong wall to support it, fill it up with water, and plug in the pump – then, your wall fountain will be recycling water over and over, bringing a rhythmic peace to your interior or exterior setup.

The really great thing about outdoor water fountains is that you don’t need much space to install them. For instance, if your back yard is already fairly cluttered with shrubbery or other items, you don’t really need any square footage on the ground for your fountain. Since it is meant to be installed on a wall anyway, it’s up above shrubs and other items, and out of the way of everything else you may have on the ground. All that’s really needed is a clear spot on any wall, fence post, or pole in your yard, where it can be securely attached. 

One of the best ways of figuring out where your outdoor wall fountain should go is to choose three or four potential resting places for it, and then try to visualize your wall fountain in each one of those places. Of course it would help if you already know exactly which kind of wall fountain you want to install, but it isn’t strictly necessary for the visualization stage. There is usually a single location where the wall fountain would be ideally placed, and that spot can generally be identified when you take the time to imagine it in place.

When you’re doing the visualization exercise, make sure to include various types of lighting. For instance, you should try and imagine the fountain in normal daylight, at night time, and then with any kind of external lighting source, you plan to use. You may even want to include LED lighting in the outdoor wall fountain itself so that it can remain illuminated even in the dark of night.

Endless Choices

You can spend a little or a lot on an outdoor wall fountain. If money isn’t an issue, you could spend $10,000 on an elaborately carved stone wall fountain creation. If you just want a simple, decorative addition to your yard without breaking the bank, you could spend as little as $200. Keep in mind that this is very much a case of ‘you get what you pay for’ though, at least in terms of long-lasting value and maintaining a great appearance over time.

A granite wall fountain, for instance, will literally last for hundreds of years, and all the while will require minimal maintenance since it’s extremely easy to clean. Fountains made of materials like wood, fiberglass, and concrete, may look great for a while, but they are generally harder to clean, and their appeal will be limited to a range of years well less than something like granite. This shouldn’t be surprising since granite is a material which has literally been around for millions of years without changing much.

Wall fountains are terrific features to add to your yard or your garden, and for however long they last in place, you’ll have a very attractive outdoor attraction in your yard that will bring natural appeal, peacefulness, and a very soothing element to your home’s exterior. So, by all means, go ahead – accentuate your landscape with an outdoor wall fountain!