Benefits of Installing a Natural Stone Fountain in your Office or Home: Indoors | Estate Fountains

The aesthetic appeal of outdoor natural stone fountains for gardens has long been well- recognized, with some truly beautiful creations having been installed in literally thousands of residences and commercial areas for the public to admire. But have you ever considered the benefits which might be derived from natural stone indoor fountains?

There are tons of choices available for your office, or for whatever space you might have available in a larger residence. Natural stone bubbler fountains, natural stone wall fountains, and even stone waterfalls, can all provide a building with some substantial advantages which go far beyond just being beautiful compliments to existing decor. Here are some of the benefits which you may not have known or considered which accompany the installation of stone water fountains indoors.

Reduction of Stress

Have you ever been hypnotized by the sound of a babbling brook, or by the sight of a river flowing past you? There’s a good reason for that. Science has proven clearly that being near water, looking at it, listening to it, or even viewing pictures of a vast ocean expanse, can have a very calming and relaxing influence on the mind.

Humans have always had a close connection to water going back through the ages, even to the origins of when the first creatures emerged from the water. Ever since that time, water has played a vital role in our existence, providing sustenance and life-giving fluid which are essential to our being.

It has been proven that being near to water causes a release of serotonin, which is the chemical responsible for having happy feelings and a sense of wellness. While not everyone can live near the ocean, or have a flowing river or stream nearby, everyone can take advantage of the same powerful effects of flowing water, by installing a stone waterfall or a natural fountain at their residence or at a place of business.  

Indoor Air Quality

Believe it or not, having a natural stone fountain indoors can greatly improve the quality of the air that occupants breathe on a daily basis. Anyone in your household suffering from respiratory issues such as asthma, will greatly benefit by having an indoor water fountain installed, since the air will be made more favorable to anyone inside. A big source of positive ions in your indoor air is all the electronic devices used in the home – appliances, computers, cellphones, air conditioners, and all the other electronic marvels we use. Those positively charged ions can be neutralized by the negative ions released by rushing water, such as that found in an indoor waterfall or stone fountain. Not only does this restore balance to the indoor air quality of your home or office, but it also supplies natural humidity to offset the dry air of the winter or fall seasons.

 Even humidifiers cannot adequately replace the natural humidity supplied by an indoor fountain, because it’s very possible that humidifiers can develop stagnant air, and when that happens, it becomes possible for mold and bacteria to occur. Bacteria and mold are less likely to develop around an indoor fountain because the water is always in motion, and that inhibits the production of those undesirable substances.

Better sleep

When your sleep is disrupted regularly, it can have a very harmful effect on your overall health and well-being. People accumulate natural stresses during the daytime from work, from family life, and just from all the events of the day, which can mount up to interfere with a good night’s sleep. When you have a natural stone indoor water fountain installed at your residence, it creates a background white noise that has a very calming effect on the mind and overcomes other distractions which might be troubling you.

This white noise created by an indoor fountain will help you have a deeper sleep for a longer period of time, which ultimately results in a much better night’s sleep. Even a white noise machine cannot be as effective as an indoor fountain, although some people are helped by such equipment. The shortcoming of white noise machines is that they usually generate noise in predictable patterns, and once your brain becomes accustomed to that pattern, it can actually become a distraction itself, instead of overcoming other distractions.

Because an indoor water fountain has an organic source and function, it does not generate anything like a predictable pattern, and it produces random noises all night long, so your brain will not focus on the noise pattern.

Increased Home Value

Having an indoor natural stone fountain in your home can add significantly to the value of your home, and if you every consider re-selling your home, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that the stone fountain has counted strongly toward increasing the price of your home on the market.

It can provide a powerful appeal to some home buyers, and it just might be the deciding factor for someone who is trying to decide between several similar homes. The stone fountain can make your home look more expensive than it actually is and can convey the impression that it’s something of a luxury house, which will definitely appeal to some buyers.

Low Maintenance

Unlike some other highly decorative items you might place in your home, an indoor natural stone fountain requires very little maintenance, and that care is only needed after a long period of time has passed. Re-filling the water may be necessary every week or two, but a thorough cleaning need only be undertaken every four to six months – which means at the most, you might have to clean your fountain three times each year!

When you do have to clean the fountain, there’s a very simple process involved. You simply turn off the water, drain it completely from the fountain, and then wipe down the exterior surfaces and the tubing, motor, and plumbing associated with the fountain, and you’re done. Once you’ve done it a time or two, you’ll be an expert, and you can have it done in as little as ten minutes.

Aesthetic Appeal

Last but not least, there is the obvious aesthetic appeal of an indoor natural stone water fountain. In the past decade or so, the styles and designs of indoor waterfalls and fountains has become much more appealing and intricate in some cases, so there are styles which will appeal to every taste. If you can’t find one which is exactly what you have in mind, you can certainly work with your favorite supplier and have one customized to suit your preferences. Most sellers of natural stone fountains are more than happy to partner with clients so as to produce the precise kind of waterfall or indoor stone fountain which the client has visualized. Everything can be included in the design, right down to any engravings or etchings which need to be included in the final product to portray your brand.