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How to Maintain Your Fountain Pump

May 15, 2015

The fountain pump is what keeps your fountain going and water flowing. It is important to maintain your fountain pump regularly to keep it working properly. Below are some quick tips on how to maintain your fountain pump.

1. Clear Debris

The first and easiest way to keep your fountain pump running is to make sure there isn’t debris blocking the pump. Pollen, dirt and leaves are just a few of the items that can block your fountain pump. Eventually if there is too much debris, the pump will slow down or maybe even stop working altogether if it gets too bad. One simple thing you can do to maintain your fountain pump in great condition is to check the pump every so often and clear any debris before it starts to build up. 

2. Clean Pump

If you weren’t able to catch the debris before it builds up in your fountain pump, use an old toothbrush or cloth to gently wipe out the pump and clear it of debris. Typically the build-up wipes clean easily, but if you have tougher stains you can soak the fountain pump to loosen up and stubborn debris. 

3. Mineral Build-up

Something important to note is if you have particularly hard water in your fountain, you may need to clean it more frequently. Hard water leaves mineral build-up on the pump which is just as damaging as debris stuck in the pump. Use the same cleaning method mentioned above to remove mineral deposits on the pump. You may need to scrub a little harder to remove the mineral stains. Soaking the fountain pump in a diluted vinegar solution is another option for removing these tough mineral deposits. 

Maintaining your fountain pump is crucial to keeping your fountain running properly. Also Learn some tips to choose right fountain pump

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